Dharma Talk: Collective Change

with Marit Wilson
Thursday, April 4, 6-8 p.m.
We are delighted to continue our Dharma Talk series on the first Thursday of the month. The evening includes meditation, a talk, discussion, and time for visiting. Tea and snacks will be served.
“Love and Justice are not two. Without inner change, there can be no outer change. Without collective change, no change matters.” – reverend angel kyodo williams
With the aspiration to create an Enlightened Society comes a string of difficult questions. What does 'enlightened' look and feel like? Who decides? What are the obstacles to good society? How can we manifest with integrity when there are so many deeply-entrenched patterns of exclusion and oppression which propel us toward disconnection? Can we look deeply at these patterns, in ourselves and in our communities? How can we apply our practice to the dissolving of these "societal cocoons"? Can we feel the disorientation and discomfort of these questions as an invitation to look closer? How to stay in touch with ourselves and each other through it all?
This talk will provide no answers to these questions and instead invite participants to consider their own experience, thoughts, feelings, biases, and inspirations. 
Everyone is welcome. 
Suggested donation: $15-20. 
Marit is a white, cis-gendered woman, born and raised in Maine. She has recently returned to Maine after two years of living and working at Karme Choling, a Shambhala retreat center in Vermont. At KCL, she worked as a representative of the Shambhala Office of Social Engagement and served on the Shambhala White Awareness Council. In other times, she has taught yoga, worked on farms, and taught high school. 
Hosted by Rockland Shambhala.